Ontario has a law that protects your personal health information (Personal Heath Information Protection Act, 2004). Personal health information includes identifying information such as: a client’s name, address, phone number, emergency contact and family history, as well as clinical information such as psychological reports, medical and psychiatric diagnoses, reports to third parties and clinical progress notes.

Clinicians are legally and professionally obliged to protect personal health information. We collect this information in order to assess client needs and progress, to provide therapeutic services, to bill for services, and to communicate with both you and third parities as is necessary. The information that is collected is limited to what is necessary for ongoing treatment and the provision of care.

Detailed information regarding the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA) and our personal privacy policies and practices are all available from our information custodian, Patricia Fidler. Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions.