Appointments and Fees

  1. Appointments are typically 1 hour long and are billed at an hourly rate, regardless of how many people attend each session.
  2. You may choose a particular counsellor and we will give you their available times and counselling locations.
  3. We will ask basic questions for our record keeping.
  4. If you have not determined the type of counselling you need or the counsellor you would like to see we will do the following:
    • We will ask for a very brief description of your issue or the type of counselling that you are seeking (i.e.  marriage counselling, family financial counselling or adolescent counselling).
    • We will answer any questions you have about a Counsellors’, Mediators’ or Consultants’ expertise or the counselling process.
    • We will ask for your preferences concerning your availability, preferred counselling location, need for accessibility, and counsellors’ gender.
    • We will let you know which counsellors are available on specific days and general times depending upon your counselling need and your other possible preferences.
    • We will offer you the best match between your needs and our counsellors or consultant.
    • If in the future the match is not to your liking, which occasionally happens, we will offer you an alternate professional to assist you.


Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card.
If reports or letters are required to third parties they are billed at an hourly rate.

Third Party Billing:  We serve Health Canada, a variety of employee assistance providers, Vehicle Insurance Providers, Workers Safety Insurance Board and The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.  Call us if you have a question about how to access us.

Contact Us

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